I’m Katie D’Souza. The “Katie” in Bridal Hair Couture By Katie. I was born and raised in the rugged and beautiful land of Australia and began my hairdressing career when I was just 18. After graduating college and completing my four year apprenticeship in advance hairstyling, I went on to work in many different avenues of hairstyling including Fashion, TV, media, red carpet and of course bridal. I have had the incredible opportunity to work alongside and learn from the best of the best in my industry and have gained so much knowledge and various skills in the process.

After meeting my Canadian husband, I settled here in Toronto Canada in 2008 where I became a mother of four beautiful children and began the dream of establishing my own business.

My desire was to create a business where brides and their bridal parties no longer needed to seek a regular salon or spend months trying to find that one stylist amongst many who had both the experience and skill to create the perfect hairstyle for their wedding. As a seasoned hairstylist working in a salon environment, I felt it was time to step outside the salon to offer my client’s a very one on-one opportunity to experience an exclusive, specialized service tailored specifically for weddings with the assurance that this was where all my passion and skill lied as a professional hairstylist. So after many years of working and perfecting my craft, learning and working under many greats in the hair industry, and through the love and support of those close to me, in 2012 Bridal Hair Couture By Katie was finally established!

Since then I have built my name in Toronto for my passion for hair and my love for my clients. I am grateful again to have had the opportunity to work in a variety of areas outside bridal such as TIFF, The Morning Show and ET Canada. I’ve worked with A-lister’s such as Hannah Hart, Real Housewives Roxy Earle, Jana Webb, Joan Kelley Walker, Grego Minot and Anne Kaplan Mulholland. My work has been featured in publications such as Wedluxe and Elegant Wedding magazine and was I was so thrilled recently to be voted in the top 100 of beauty influencers in North America by Modern Salon magazine.

Bridal has never been just another area of hairstyling for me. It is all I do and am incredibly passionate about. I am a perfectionist and very detailed about my work. My goal is to be the best of the best at my craft, constantly learning and mastering every technique and style possible in order to offer an experience for my client’s that has them returing to my chair time and time again.  

I’d love to work with you! Please browse my site and feel free to get in touch anytime to learn more about what I do!

Much love,